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Hi! My name is Menaka Krishnan. I believe design transforms an experience and can be emotive and uplifting. I want to create something memorable. I take a unique holistic inspirational approach to design. And I just happen to make great visual content.

  • Austin, TX
  • Reading, Biking, Photography
  • Syracuse University
  • B. Arch


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    Branding Identity

    Creating a unique combination of design elements that embodies your vision and helps you stand out and stand strong against your competitors.

  • 02

    User Experience Design

    Developing an immersive customer experience based on user patterns, attributes, and preferences.

  • 03

    Graphic Design

    Organic and cohesive design, blending expressive images, cultural icons, captivating words, modern color palettes, and elegant fonts.

  • 04

    User Research

    Conducting thorough customer research and identifying target markets and users.

  • 05

    Concept Web Design

    Curating a digital story that appeals to users aesthetically, intuitively, and productively. Combining brand identity, user research and user experience to craft a powerful persuasive presentation.

  • 06

    Social Media Campaigns

    Analyzing social media trends and developing graphics, campaigns, and series that increase engagement and traffic and bolster current events/topics.

As a creative, this is what I would consider my best attributes.

I work tirelessly to support my clients' needs and deadlines and deliver high quality products.

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Creative. Unique. Immersive.

A Peak into my Portfolio

My portfolio shows the depth of my 10 year experience in design. I've completed projects for clients in several different industries with varying timelines and deliverables.


Menaka worked on my design team for two major architectural design projects between $50-100M. Her quick comprehension of detail and approach to problem solving set her apart. She was always willing to reach for new tasks/responsibilities outside of her comfort zone and became the go to person when the deadlines approached. She interacted professionally with our clients and gained both our confidence as well as theirs. She is an asset to any team.

Kevin H.

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