By The Social Papery April 25, 2019 In Design, Social Media

Bollywood Dance Fitness

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! We’ve all heard it, we all know how it good it is for our health, and we all know how great it feels post a workout! But the hardest part is actually getting to the gym or motivating yourself to start your workout. All the excuses run through your head, “I’m tired; I have too much work to do; I’m not feeling well; it will take too long to drive there…” Which is why sometimes for those real lazy days, its nice to have an option to work out at home! This definitely doesn’t replace going to the gym, but can be a nice supplement to the regular workouts.

I am definitely one of those people who hates to run/walk on the treadmill, use the elliptical, or lift weights. I would be about 10 minutes in, checking my watch, convincing myself that the at best 100 calories I burned is sufficient. So I was overjoyed when I found the solution to my problem, dance fitness! I started with Zumba and then when I found Bollywood fitness, I knew it was a match made in heaven! When I lived out in the DC area, I used to take classes with Doonya. Now I use their online YouTube vids to exercise in my living room, complete with an almost 2 year old pulling at legs, asking for water, asking to be carried, and trying to climb on my back while I attempt to burn some calories. But hey, you make it work! Check out Doonya or another Bollywood dance fitness company BollyX if this fits what you are looking for!

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