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Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth by Sanjay Patel

Ganesha Hinduism Indian Culture

A few years ago, I discovered an author/animator named Sanjay Patel, when I was gifted one of his books for my then 1 year old. The book was Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth. From the moment I opened up the book, I was mesmerized by the artwork, graphics, and branding. As a first generation Indian-American, my cultural heritage has always been a series of questions and experiences.  Growing up, my parents introduced the practices of Hinduism and took us on various trips to the temple.  Most of these trips resulted in going through the motions (my favorite part was the nuts and raisins they gave you!), but no true recognition of the Gods/Goddesses or actual principles of Hinduism.

Once my husband and I had our son, we felt committed to learning more about our religion specifically to engage our children and also be prepared to answer their many future questions.  So when I discovered that Sanjay Patel had a few more books under his repertoire, I quickly picked up the Ramayana and The Little Book of Hindu Deities.  Now I can proudly say that by age 2, my son was able to recognize and identify all the Gods/Goddesses in The Little Book of Hindu Deities.  With its colorful pictures, animated quality, and clear simple descriptions, Sanjay Patel really makes Hinduism fun and easy!

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