By The Social Papery September 20, 2019 In Design

Gift Stickers!

Gift Stickers! So I hate buying birthday cards! It’s seems like you spend $5 on a card where you just write your name and the recipient’s name and it gets tossed in the trash 5 seconds later. Seems like a waste when all you want is for the recipient to know who the gift was from (especially kids birthdays! ain’t no kids reading birthday cards). I’m all for the cards with have a sentimental/thoughtful message for special occasions, but there’s a time and a place for that. So I’m sharing my design for FREE for gift stickers to put on any wrapped gift or bagged gift and save your $5 🙂 Upload these .jpegs to any print website, I’ve used and in the past with great success!

Get the designs for FREE here!

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