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In Laws, what to expect.

In Laws Marriage

You’ve just gotten engaged and barely wiped up the champagne from your celebration the night before, and now come a barrage of questions. Have you set a date? Who are your bridesmaids? Where are you going for your honeymoon? It’s enough to weaken the excitement from the night before, but you glance down at the shiny sparkle on your ring finger, to hitch you back up onto that high horse of celebration again.

The reality for most couples begins to set in at this time. Up until now, most everything has been about the two of you and overcoming life’s complications and stresses to find value in a life partner. But now you realize that a wedding, specifically an indian wedding, is never just about two individuals. We’ve all heard it – it’s a marriage of two families. At this stage, maybe your parents have met, maybe they haven’t, maybe they are already chit chatting the night away planning this glorious wedding you all had hoped for! Regardless, wedding planning is usually when tensions run high, personalities clash, and true emotions surface. It’s important to set some boundaries, parameters, and open the lines of communication in all ways. Also recognizing that in-law relationships usually include a multitude of personalities and upbringings that will affect the way they react to a situation. We are often not armed with this information prior to getting married and have convinced ourselves that its only our relationships that are so struggle some.

Researching the age-old dilemma of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law, it seems to be the most sensitive of all relationships and the one requiring the most work.  Would love to know your thoughts – Please comment below!

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