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My husband and I just watched the movie Lion and wow what an inspiring and heart wrenching movie!  If you haven’t heard all the Oscar buzz, the movie is about a young Indian boy from the rural villages in India that falls asleep on a train en route to Calcutta to be forever separated from his family.  Illiterate and unaware of his hometown and how to get back, he gets ushered into the orphanage system in Calcutta to finally be adopted by an Austrailian couple at the age of six.  The movie then follows his trek to find the family he lost 20 years earlier.  With the help of Google Earth he tracks down the water tower on the railway station where he fell asleep years before.  In a once in a lifetime true story, the boy succesfully tracks down his mother, still living in the same town, only to be reunited in a reunion of tears.  In a true story of hope and resilience, Lion really captures the heart and spirit of a lost boy on his journey home.

If you watched the movie, share your thoughts below!

Lion Movie Saroo Brierley Dev Patel


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